Countdown to Fargo Election Results

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Thousands of people are heading to the polls to vote in Fargo’s Special Election.

Voters are picking a new mayor, city commissioner and decide a home rule charter question.

KVRR’s Erin Lisch joins us live from a polling site with more.


TJ and Alison

I’m here at Baymont Inn on 13th Avenue South and according to officials at this polling locations there have been — people that have cast their vote.

And many people I talked to say this is a day they have been waiting for.
“We certainly should be good citizens and get out there and vote”
This is an election packed with emotion.

Voters are picking a new mayor to replace the late Dennis Walaker, a popular three term mayor.
“We’ve been in limbo for a while.  We lost a great mayor in Dennis Walaker, but we’ll have a new one and that’ll be great.”
Inspectors at the polls say voter turnout has been surprisingly high for a special election.

And one group has come out in full force.
“There have been a lot of young people here at this site anyway. And I’ve noticed that for the past few elections are younger and younger people. There was one that just turned 18 yesterday and she was in today!”
And voters know whomever is chosen, he will represent our city well.
“If our city is in crisis, heaven forbid we have another major flood, this is the person making really important decisions that directly impact.”
Voting ends at 8 tonight so if you are a Fargo resident and haven’t voted, just bring your ID to the one of the 6 polling locations like here at the Baymont Inn and cast your ballot.

Watch us at 9 for the results.

Reporting Live, Erin Lisch KVRR News.