Mock Deaths At Moorhead High School Combat Drinking And Driving

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 Every 15 minutes, someone in the United States dies from an alcohol related car accident.
 Moorhead High School students are getting a look into what it’s like to lose classmates to drunk driving.
Several students are being taken away for 24 hours to simulate their deaths.
Sight’s from a mock accident involving alcohol.

Aaron Stepanek is being taken away by death, all because of someone’s decision to drink and drive.

Several students at Moorhead High School are being taken away for a day to simulate dying to a drunk driver.

Parents wrote obituaries for their student.

Stepanek says the moment was intense.
“I was looking at this one kid as they were reading my obituary in the class. I saw his face, it kind of settled in that I’m no longer there,” said Stepanek.
Clay County is one of the deadliest counties in Minnesota when it comes to alcohol related traffic accidents.

This is a way to help educate students about the dangers of driving while intoxicated.
“At the end, everything’s going to be back to normal, which in real life, that’s unfortunately not the case when something like this happens,” said Moorhead Police Department Sgt. Scott Kostohryz.
Students also made their way to MSUM for a mock crash. Here they get too see what a real accident would look like. From beginning to end.
Students are looking at the sights and sounds from an accident made up of Moorhead High School students.

It’s designed to be just like a real accident, students driving back from a party, while under the influence.
“Now that I see it with my peers, like my fellow students, like it could happen to me,” said Moorhead High Junior Jonah Vigilant.
“It’s going to make us think about how, how we should treat the next ten years of our life and make sure we be responsible,” said Stepanek.
Students who had a fake death painted their face white.
The “Every 15 Minutes program” is set up every two years at Moorhead High School.
This is the school’s third time.

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