It’s Official; Mahoney is Mayor!

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After a big win for Tim Mahoney, he says he’s ready to be mayor.

Winning by more than 27–hundred votes, Mayor Mahoney and his team are excited for him to start his term as official mayor.

Joy flooded the face of Tim Mahoney, as the numbers were announced that he won the Mayor seat.

He was surrounded by friends and family. His daughter even flew in from Boston to stand by his side.

His daughter Kaileen Hanlon said, “What he presented to the community was rooted in facts and figures, and he backed everything up with that. Knowledge base and I’m extremely proud of him today, and excited for the city of Fargo.”

His son Dylan says although he likes dad’s opponent Brad Wimmer, he believes his dad is perfect for the job.

“He’s cared for me, he’s protected me, he’s helped me, he’s taught me good lessons,” said Dylan.

After the celebration, it’s time to get down to work as the city’s actual mayor.

Mayor Tim Mahoney said, “It’s just nice to be elected, and that acting mayor thing it’s kind of nice to have the ability to say the people elected me I’m the mayor.”

Although mayor Walaker is no longer with us, a part of him will always be in mayor Mahoney’s office.

“I still haven’t taken his chair away, so sometimes when I’m thinking about things, I’ll pretend we’re having a conversation saying Denny what should we do about this? And his advice typically to me was toughen up Tim,” said Mayor Mahoney.

A few things mayor Mahoney’s agenda focuses on are revitalizing neighborhoods, flood protection and planning the growth of the city.

But to his son, he’s more than the city’s newest leader.

“he’s my dad, he’ll always be my dad,” said Dylan

So congratulations to Mayor Mahoney, the official face of Fargo.