Rainbow International Restoration Benefits West Fargo Fire Department

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The West Fargo Fire Department is in need of a new search and rescue watercraft.

Rainbow International Restoration of Fargo holds a fundraiser to help the department out.

People come from far and wide to donate for a cause close to the heart.

Donator Brent Gerbert says, “They work very hard, do a lot of selfless service to their community and it’s always good to support their activities.”

The “Burn to Learn” fundraiser gives residents and insurance companies the opportunity to learn about fire safety while touring a pre–burn site.

Rainbow International Restoration Jill Carlson says, “Help educate them better in what happens in fires, what kind of damage it can cause, how fast it can spread and then we’re doing a free CE (Continuing Education) class for them.”

The Rainbow International Restoration aims to raise between $15–$20 thousand dollars for a new search and rescue watercraft for the West Fargo Fire Department.

Roy Schatschneider says, “We get the Sheyenne River running through West Fargo here and you know every once in a while we’ll have animals or people who will fall into the river and can’t get out and we get called out to assist them.”

The department’s current search and rescue watercraft is from before 1979.

The Fire Chief says it’s time for an upgrade.

Schatschneider says, “It’s a little bit cumbersome to get launched. You have to have an area that is fairly flat in order to get it from the bank into the water and it makes it really user unfriendly.”

Schatschneider believes having a watercraft up to par is important when the city and population continue to grow.

The West Fargo Fire Department Fire Chief adds, “We’d been talking about acquiring a new boat here for quite some time and just didn’t have the funds for it so this will give us the jump start.”

You can attend the “Burn to Learn” fundraiser tomorrow night in West Fargo at 200 West Beaton Drive in West Fargo.

The fundraiser will be followed by an on-site house burning on Sunday.