Authorities Say Burst Steam Pipe Caused NDSU Building To Close

UPDATE: The Fargo Fire Department believes that the reported chemical spill in NDSU’sLadd Hall may have actually been a steam pipe that burst. Tune into KVRR news at 9 for more. 

ORIGINAL STORY: A major chemical spill in a chemistry lab in NDSU’s Ladd Hall causes the building to shut down.

The Fargo Fire Department says the spill was discovered by a graduate student when they entered the lab. The spill happened on the third floor of the building.

The fire department is working with a hazmat team preparing to make entry into the lab in attempts to neutralize the chemicals.

Authorities say it is likely an acid spill.

Four fire trucks, one special operations truck, Salvation Army and an ambulance are all assisting in the clean-up.

KVRR is on the scene and we will update you as we get more information.