Being Superheroes For a Good Cause

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Most people don’t put on costumes and a lot of makeup for their morning run, but today was a different story.

People are giving back to Make–A–Wish, a foundation that helps kids dreams’ come true who have life–threatening medical conditions.

While the Erickson’s cheer for their mom to finish her run and laugh after avoiding getting hit by a water balloon…they remember times haven’t always been this fun.

“It would get to the point where he was three and he could tell the nurses how to take his blood or let me help you wrap my arm he was very used to the hospital scene,” says Holly Erickson.

Her son Aaron has undergone multiple surgeries because he has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, so the left side of his heart isn’t fully developed.

The Make–A–Wish foundation made his dreams come true by sending him to Disney World and now, years later, he is able to walk with his family by his side.

“It’s priceless so to see everyone together and kind of walk around and see all the other kids, it’s awesome. And the adults that played villains today how sweet is that like they make it fun,” says Erickson.

Some people say it’s not every day that you get to dress up and play with silly string.

“Seeing them getting excited about dressing up outside of Halloween… I mean come on like they love it. Any chance a kid can dress up and be a hero… and we’re all big kids,” says Chelsea Olson, who volunteered as a villain.

“I hope we give them their icon… I hope that we can be their superheroes and instill those characteristics on them,” says Event Coordinator Nick Vculek.

What started as Nick’s class project is turning into an event where Aaron can laugh at the comic books and show his family how much he’s recovered.

“He couldn’t do the full mile and a half, but the fact that he was able to just like be here and be a part of it… is as parents anything that we would ever want,” says Erickson.

Aaron wears his Captain America shirt and his parents say he not only looks like a hero, but he’s acting the part.

Holly says Aaron will technically never be fully recovered, but he is doing much better with more sporadic doctor check–ups and less medications.