A Reminder: Springfest is Cancelled

Over the years, this upcoming weekend has been a time for a pre-finals celebration for students at UND. But not this year.

Grand Forks police are reminding students that there is no organized Spring Fest events at University Park this weekend.

The park will remain open but there are no alcohol permits issued.

Students were not happy with President Kelley’s decision to cancel the annual event.

Police are anticipating several house parties in the area but they are asking students to keep them small and controlled.

“We’ve seen parties with hundreds of students in the front yard and obviously that’s something we’re going to have to respond to. We’ve seen parties with students up on the roof climbing in and out of windows, broken and glass and that sort of thing. We want to avoid all of that type of activity this year,” says Bill Macki of Grand Forks Police.

Police say they will have just as many officers patrolling the area as in previous years when Springfest was held.