Fargo Marathon Brings Big Business To Metro

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Thousands of Fargo Marathon runners are coming to town and giving our economy a big boost.

They’re staying in our hotels and eating in our restaurants.

More than 20,000 runners will part–take in 3–days of events for the 2015 Fargo Marathon.

About 10,000 of them will come from out of town and take advantage of everything the metro has to offer.

CVB Director of Sports Kali Mork says, “Anytime you have people coming into town that are not from here and they’re spending money in our restaurants, in our establishments. They’re shopping, they’re going to the attractions, they’re doing different things – they’re definitely leaving an impact.”

Samir Patel has been a Fargo Marathon runner for the past 6–years.

As Owner of the Red River Lodge & Suites, he treats his guests to Runner Gift Bags.

Patel says, “There are 5 items in there that consists of energy bar, a bananas and clementine. Couple of fruits, yogurt. That’s good for runners and energy drink.”

Patel hopes these Runner Gift Bags add to the Fargo experience.

He adds, “Just have fun here. That is all that running a marathon is about.”

The manager of NoBull Country Club, which just opened in downtown Fargo, says it’s exciting to be able to serve runners.

Manager Sara Campbell says, “We have a special just because the marathon’s here. So it’s special that we are opening on time.”

The CVB says the options for runners from out of town are endless.

Mork says, “Just experience the town in general. I think a lot of people come to Fargo with this pre–conception of what it is and when they get here they surprisingly ?have something unexpected happen and they see what we truly are.”

Helping to get you to the finish line.

Marathon runners from out of town will spend almost one million dollars during their stay.