Farmers Rejoice For Rain

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Local farmers are rejoicing at the current rainfall.

More rain has fallen in the past two days then in the past two–months.

KVRR caught up with one Horace farmer who says it’s a good thing.

Drop by drop the rain keeps falling and it’s not missing a single spot.

Ryan Richards of Richards Farms in Horace is glad his crops are finally getting moisture.

Ryan Richards says, “All in all, we’re in a pretty good situation. It looks like we are going to get rain through the end of the month but if we could miss out on that we could get the rest of the crop in.”

Forecasters say rain is expected to fall throughout the rest of the week.

If that occurs, farmers will have to tend to their soaked crops.

He adds, “If it stays wet here through June and then it really closes the window of opportunity we had to get the rest of the crop in.”

Back in March, the area was in a drought.

According to Cass County Extension, this rainfall is exactly what farmers need to help plants germinate.

John Kringler says, “The top soils were extremely dry but I think this amount of rain has replenished that at this point.”

Potential snowfall would not have a significant impact on crops.

It’s the outside temperature that plays a greater role.

The Cass County Extension Agent says, “If the seed is actually just at the point where it’s germinating and it gets cold water into it, it can disrupt some of the plant growth so you get abnormal plant growth or germination.”

Richards says farmers are enjoying the rainfall but they wouldn’t mind some sunshine.

Richards adds, “Totally at Mother Nature’s mercy. Now with the rain, I think the guys will be a little bit more comfortable. We get some sunshine and some heat, get everything that’s planted up in the ground and the rest of the crop done. Things will be looking good.”

If two–inches of rain falls between yesterday and today, the total will be the heaviest rainfall we’ve seen since last September.