NDDOT Introduces Safety Hologram

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Law enforcement has developed a new tool to encourage everyone to buckle-up. It comes as they are increasing enforcement of violators.

Seat belts reduce the chance of injury in a crash by 50 percent yet several people in our region choose not to wear one. The North Dakota DOT is looking to change that.

From a distance, it’s just a black, square piece of glass. But once you move closer, you start to see images of a serious car accident.

“We are focusing on trying to implement a new tool and that’s why we developed this hologram to kind of focus on a different way to encourage seat belt use,” says Ashlee Doan of NDDOT Public Information.

It’s the newest tool being used to demonstrate the risks of not wearing a seat belt.

“We try to get out there whether it’s through enforcement or education and this is a perfect educational tool. Introducing a hologram device into the schools so even young kids can see it even to older adults,” says NDHP Lt. Tom Iverson.

Two-thirds of all motor vehicle fatalities happen to people who are not wearing seat belts. And officials say the main culprits are men ages 18-34.

“I wear a seat belt to set a good example for my kids,” says Josh Bement of Dilworth.

One Waubun man says he usually wears one but has not at times. “

Why? I don’t know just being lazy I guess,” says Marlin Farley.

“Wearing our seat belts in North Dakota is something we struggle with a little bit,” Iverson says.

The hologram is set up like a timeline. The first side shows a man and a woman and the driver is not wearing his seat belt. As you work your way around it, you see the progression of a crash resulting in the man being thrown from the car.

There are several crash simulations throughout the state that promote seat belt use but officials hope that this cutting edge technology is something people remember.

“Maybe the next day when they’re driving they’ll kind of remember the importance of wearing your seat belt,” says Iverson.

NDDOT has four of these holograms they’ll use this summer to encourage seat belt use.