Mutt March In Moorhead Brings Awareness To Dog Rescue

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 Many in our area came out to support rescued dogs at the 2nd annual Mutt March in Moorhead.

You may be asking yourself, who let the dogs out?
The answer is their owners.

A sea of furry legs stopped by Gooseberry Park in Moorhead to take part in the 2nd annual Mutt March.
It’s an event put together by a local dog rescue.
“It’s important to raise awareness for the 4 Luv of Dogs foundation ’cause it’s all volunteer work. It’s all done by people just who care,” said Patrick Baskerville of Fargo.

The goal is to raise awareness for dogs who need a home in our area.

Lindsay Skavlem adopted Puma a couple of months ago from 4 Luv of Dogs and says she doesn’t regret the decision.
“She just, she loves people, loves entertainment, loves everyone,” said Skavlem.
Organizers say they want dogs that have been rescued to end up in good homes like Puma.
“I think people are surprised by how many dogs we have for adoption and the sad thing is, is that there are dogs that we still turn away because we don’t have enough space,” said 4 Luv of Dogs Founder/President Kish Hilmert.
For some the decision to adopt an animal is life changing.
“It’s been the best things I’ve ever done,” said Skavlem.
“This is the best thing that’s happened so he’s been a great dog,” said Baskerville.

Over 100 people made it to this year’s Mutt March and many say they would have made it rain or shine.
“Even in the rain. Rain, shine, people come out and that’s the best part,” said Skavlem.
An event filled with marching, a costume contest, and even a kissing booth dedicated to making the lives of local rescue dogs, better.
To find out how you can adopt a dog, you can visit

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