Minnesota Man Kills 3 In DWI Crash; Gets Arrested Again

A man convicted of killing three brothers in a drunken driving accident is again accused of DWI.

Boe Barlage spent years in prison and was ordered to speak to groups about his crime.

Last week, he was pulled over again.

Barlage, of Farmington, was sentenced to eight years behind bars for the crash that killed 20–year–old Matthew Backstrom, 17–year–old Jacob Backstrom, and 16–year–old Justin Backstrom in 2005.

The 33–year–old was arrested again last week in the parking lot of a gas station after he failed a field sobriety test.

James Backstrom, Dakota County Attorney: “I was very shocked and disappointed to hear of this most recent arrest, given the fact I heard less than a week before that Mr. Barlage was out in the community sharing his story about what he learned from the terrible tragedy that he caused in 2004.”
Nathan Backstrom, Father: “To say they we’re disappointed is maybe an understatement.”

Barlage is on probation.

He could now face up to 5 years in prison.