Grand Forks County Employees Face Paycheck Inconsistencies

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Some county employees in Grand Forks are being short changed when it comes to their paychecks.
KVRR’s Brittany Ford says concerns were brought to the County Commission and they are not being ignored.


TJ and Alison, Grand Forks County Employees have been dealing with pay inconsistencies for a while now.

They say they are glad it is finally being talked about and hope that changes will be made.

Results from the most recent pay study in Grand Forks has put numbers to how some county employees are not properly being paid for the duties they perform.

These cases were brought to the County Commission, and they say they plan on correcting the errors but it is impossible to please everyone.

“In any pay scale study and I said this yesterday to them I said they have to understand that no matter what pay study you have there’s going to be one a group that’s not happy with part of it,” said John Schmisek, Grand Forks Commissioner.

The county offices that are being the most affected by the pay scale error are the correctional and sheriff’s departments

The county has not found a sufficient way to pay military structured ranks.

The current system in place pays employees more based on the time they have worked with the county, rather than the duties preformed.

“If we can deal with this thing, Get it done. you know it’s pretty demeaning to some of these people that supervisor people who are making more money then them. It’s just not right,” said Sheriff Bob Rost of the Grand Forks Sheriff’s Department.

The commission has been working with the company that preformed the pay scale study trying to figure out the best way to fix the pay error.

It has set a deadline for Friday at 4:20pm for employees to submit concerns, as well as supporting documentation to the county auditor to get answers.

Reporting live Brittany ford KVRR NEWS.