Career Tips For Finding Your Dream Job

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They walked across the stage for their diplomas and now it’s time for graduates to begin the dreadful job search.

KVRR has tips for your success.

Not all college majors are equal.

Brendan Gifford knows this to be true and it ultimately led him to continue his education after getting his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.

NDSU Graduate Student Brendan Gifford says, “The positions available for someone with a bachelor’s degree in laboratories are somewhat scarce. Additionally, it takes a long time to move your way up.”

Fargo is ranked number five on Zumper’s “5 Best Cities for Recent College Grads” list for having low unemployment and affordable housing.

Other factors can impact a recent graduate’s future.

NDSU Graduate Student Akilela Iyer says, “If you don’t have citizenship, first of all, they don’t let you go in for the interview and even if you’re selected in the interview they say you should try one more time because we cannot sponsor your visa. It’s too expensive.”

The Job Service of North Dakota has some encouragement for those looking to work in the metro.

Carey Fry says, “A lot of the companies that are setting up shop here in the Fargo area are wanting to take advantage of all the colleges here and keep them here and put them to work.”

When it comes to applying for jobs, Fry says cover letters and resumes should be updated periodically and be position specific.

Once you go in for an interview, the job process is not over yet.

Job Service of North Dakota says, “The follow–up is also really important.”

The Job Service of North Dakota says there are 700–open positions of which 365 are summer internships.

Fry adds, “The more networked in this community you are for staying in the area for a college graduate the better.”

Students say they have seen job applying trends that bring success.

Iyer says, “You should be confident in whatever you’re working on.”

Gifford says, “It’s definitely hard but it’s rewarding so as you progress you feel yourself developing as an individual.”

To dress for success, the Job Service of North Dakota recommends dressing “one step above a company’s regular attire” for job interviews.