Details on Tragic Grand Forks Shooting

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Terror and tragedy at Walmart in Grand Forks.

Police say Grand Forks Air Force Base airman Marcell Willis went on an early morning shooting spree.
The 21-year-old entered Walmart on 32nd Avenue South shortly after 1:00am and shot two employees before taking his own life.

KVRR’s Erin Lisch has been on scene all day and has the latest.


TJ and Alison,

I’m here at the Walmart on 32nd Avenue in Grand forks.

According to law enforcement, after Marcell Willis shot the two employees, he actually fired another round and thankfully missed the third employee.
“I hear a bunch of squad cars one after another after another. I’ve never heard so many.”

Walking home after a shift from Panera across from the Walmart, one worker from the restaurant heard and saw the scene outside of the store.
Brandon Mcdougall, Witness: “I heard gun shots. and then more cop cars rushing up Washington and I’m watching, I’m turning to my right because I was at an intersection watching them rush up Washington and rush around so I’ve never heard anything like it in Grand Forks.”
Shortly after entering the store, Marcell Willis encountered two Walmart employees and shot both with a hand gun.

Reports show Willis continued into the store and proceeded to another shot but the bullet missed the third employee.
Lt. Derik Zimmel, Grand Forks Police: “Right now to this point we have not been able to find any linkage between any of him and the victims or any significant linkage to the store itself or the location.”
One pronounced dead on scene, another was taken to Altru Hospital.

Willis himself was declared dead after shooting himself with the hand gun.

But why do this malicious act?
Lt. Derik Zimmel, Grand Forks Police: “That I don’t know, that’s something we may never have the answer to.”
The mayor spoke on the horrific incident.
Mayor Michael Brown, Grand Forks: “As a community, the healing process must begin. I think we have the resources in place and a faith based community to help us move forward as a community and reach out to those who need help during this very tragic time.”