NDDOT Wants Summer Work Zones & Roads Safe

 North Dakota will spend $807–million on construction projects this year and $2.26–billion over the next two construction seasons.

All this construction comes with reminders for drivers traveling through work zones.

It’s the season when roads are torn apart.

And your typical every day drive can take a bit longer.

Jesse Gladue says, “Really just an inconvenience for everybody.”

The North Dakota Department of Transportation has construction projects planned all across the state this summer.

One driver says they’ve learned to cope.

The West Fargo resident says, “Everybody seems to let everybody go. It’s kind of nice everybody works together.”

Since 2010, the travel volume on North Dakota roads has increased by 26% and sees the most travelers on the roads between April and November.

Associated General Contractors Russ Hanson says, “We’re into the heavy traffic. Tourist season. Heaviest traffic time of the season and in addition to that North Dakota is just busier than it used to be.”

One of the summer’s big construction sites is along I–29 northbound from Argusville to north of Gardner where it turns into one lane each way.

NDDOT director says there are precautions drivers need to remember when going through a work zone.

NDDOT Director Grant Levi says, “Please slow down. Respect the signs that are in place. Follow those signs. Follow the traffic control. Protect yourself and protect those people who are working those work zones.”

North Dakota Highway Patrol increases enforcement around work zones helping to make these areas safer.

North Dakota Highway Patrol Spokesman Tom Iverson says, “We issued 900 citations throughout the 2014 season of work zone enforcement. Not surprisingly speaking, speeding was our top contributing violation throughout the season.”

The North Dakota Department of Transportation says they will be working on 220–projects statewide and one West Fargo resident wishes it wasn’t so.

Gladue adds, “Just one project at a time.”

North Dakota Highway Patrol also say wear your seatbelt, obey speed limits, do not tailgate and avoid distractions.