Believe in Yourself: Overcoming Adversity

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Overcoming many obstacles in his life, motivational speaker Scott Burrows tells his journey to CCRI members in Moorhead.

At a ripe age of 19, Scott Burrows was a a top ranked kickboxer along with making it on the Florida State University football.

But on November 3rd 1984, everything changed. After a horrific car accident, Burrows came out diagnosed as paraplegic.

Starting with movement in his wrists, over time Burrows continued to challenge his disability and years later began walking.
“I knew I had to pull from somewhere. I think the coaches the mentors, family who have influenced my life gave me that inner strength,” said Burrows.

Like Burrows, former Stephen Argyle football player Mitchell Benson is paralyzed from being in a car accident.

He says he challenges himself every day and graduated this past fall.

He is now an intern with CCRI, helping those who share some of his struggles.

He says he has sets goals similar to Burrows.
“The same tools that he and I use was our mind set. and believing that you can and not letting anyone else tell you that you cant,” said Benson.
He’s not the only one inspired by Burrows, five year old Tommy is too.

He lives with connective tissue disorder.

Leah Greuel asked her son about Burrows,”Did his body work right after that?”

Tommy Greuel relpied,”No.”

Tommy’s mother asked,”Did your body work right?”

Looking into his mothers eyes Tommy said, “No.”

Following with another question Leah Greuel asked her son, “Did the doctors say you wouldn’t walk?”

“They said I would walk,” said Tommy.

Holding her son tightly Ms. Greuel asked, “And you’re walking aren’t you?”

“Yeah!” Exclaimed Tommy.
Burrows, Benson and even Tommy continue to fight.
“Not losing faith and continue to persevere,” said Burrows.

As they refuse to be sidelined.

You can buy Scott Burrows book: Vision Mindset Grit here.

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