Gunshots Heard In South Moorhead

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 Some living in south Moorhead are shaken up after hearing gun shots early this morning.
When officers arrived on scene, they found four shell casings on the road.
People in this neighborhood on the 1500 block of 13th street south in Moorhead can’t believe gunshots were heard early this morning.
“Just four shots in pretty rapid succession,” said Jim Mogen of Moorhead.
“I was scared, I was really scared. I mean, scared for my family and you know scared for everybody in the neighborhood,” said Ramon Christensen of Moorhead.
Christensen has lived in the neighborhood for 37 years.
He says it’s unheard of here.
“Yeah it’s just very unusual. I mean, you just never think, dream that something like that would happen,” said Christensen.
There have been a number of crimes with firearms lately and police say it’s a growing trend.
“The city of Moorhead is part of a growing metro and we are seeing an increase in incidents involving firearms,” said Moorhead Police Department Lt. Tory Jacobson.
Police say they believe the sounds were gunshots because they found four shells lying on the ground on 13th street, and with the rising crime in the city they want people to be vigilant of any suspicious activity.
“We appreciate citizens that hear suspicious sounds or anything to contact the police department so that we can respond right away,” said Lt. Jacobson.
“It just concerns me you know that we don’t know why crime is going up,” said Christensen.
It’s a trend that has some in the metro on edge.
Police are still investigating.
Anyone with information is advised to contact the Moorhead Police Department.

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