Man Tries To Steal Car At Menards

 A West Fargo man is in jail after getting into a woman’s car, asking for her keys and going through her purse at Menards in Moorhead.
Police say a woman getting into her vehicle saw 24–year–old Miles Bryan jump into his vehicle’s backseat while staring at her.

The woman says she kept an eye on him while he exited his vehicle from the passenger window.

He got into her car, asked for a ride, then her keys and went through purse.

She called 9–1–1 and that’s when Bryan got out of her car and drove away.

Police later pulled him over and found that he was driving a stolen vehicle with meth inside.

“She recognized those dangers and realized that you know, by calling the police and keeping a distance from him, you know she did the best she could for her personal safety,” said Moorhead Police Department Lt. Tory Jacobson.
Bryan is facing multiple felony charges, including drug possession and theft of a motor vehicle.

He had a list of outstanding warrants.

He is being held at the Clay County Jail.

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