Agencies Investigate Owen Skodje’s Death

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Two metro police departments are actively investigating the death of little 6-month-old Owen Skodje of Fargo. Owen died in a Twin Cities hospital from head trauma.

Authorities found Owen Skodje unresponsive on Monday at this unlicensed daycare center and home of Darcy Anderson.

The baby was pronounced dead due to head trauma on Tuesday but kept on life support for organ donation until yesterday.

His parents, devastated by this tragedy, shared these words on their Caring Bridge site:

“I can’t imagine what he would have accomplished, given more time. I am impressed by the legacy he leaves behind.”

But there are many unanswered questions.

“With medical results we’ve determined that there has been some trauma to the baby which has led to the investigation,” says Detective Tim Runcorn of West Fargo Police.

Darcy Anderson, who has had a fair share of legal trouble including four felony charges, was first granted a day care license by Cass County in 2002 but it was revoked in 2011.

“In 2011 her license was revoked due to inappropriate discipline,” says Ruby Kolpack, a Day Care Licensing Specialist with Cass County Social Services.

Anderson continued her daycare, unlicensed but legal, as long as there were no more than 4 children under her care at a time.

But Kolpack tells us she has recently learned that Anderson was breaking that law. Police are awaiting the crucial autopsy results from Hennepin County.

“Any type of head injury could, it could be immediate or we could be looking back several days,” says Detective Runcorn.

We contacted both Anderson and her attorney Mark Western but neither of them are offering any comments on the matter.

In the meantime, the community is mourning the loss of baby Owen and doing what they can to help. In just three short days, Owen’s GoFundMe site has raised more than $14,000 and a lemonade stand was set up to help as well.

“I just heard on the news about him dying and I changed my mind about going to Ribfest,” says 7-year-old Mikey Schatz.

West Fargo and Fargo Police along with Cass County Social Services are conducting the investigation.