Fargo Literacy Event Brings Hundreds

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 Families are being encouraged to get their kids interested in reading at an early age.

Dinosaurs, puppets, and books were all part of the Share a Story Family Literacy Event.
A time where families like Jamie Anderson’s can introduce reading to their kids.
“Early literacy is so important just because this is where the learning starts and they are like sponges, they pick up everything,” said Anderson.
Anderson takes her kids to this event every year.
She says she realizes the importance of early literacy.
“Learning is fun; it’s not just sitting down, listening to a teacher. It’s actually like being exposed to things like this,” said Anderson.
It’s not just the books that has kids loving this event. It’s also checking things out like this Fargo fire truck right behind me and learning about tornadoes with this mini replica.
Kids could make their own stories, learn about fossils and get introduced to books like the Bible with this puppet show.
“Reading is a big aspect of life. I mean you have to read in school, you have to read for your job. You have to do that so the sooner you can get reading, the more interested they’ll be continuing on in life,” said organizer Jena Haakenson.
Kye Anderson reads to his kids every night.
“Reading is more than just books, and sometimes it takes that extra little jumpstart to get them active and doing the writing and things like this,” said Kye Anderson.
It’s an event that teaches kids, reading can be fun.
This was the 12th year for the event.