Construction Season Ramps Up

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You’ll be seeing many more orange cones and construction signs in the metro.

A majority of street repair and flood prevention projects are kicking into high gear.
KVRR’s Brittany Ford joins us live from just one of the closures.

A large number of detour signs and lane closures are continuing to pop up all around the metro.

The city of Fargo and the North Dakota DOT have issued 5–road closures this week.

13th avenue south, 5th avenue south to 25th street, and 14th avenue between elm and 2nd streets are the main roads where you’ll find delays.

Despite the large number of projects happening all at once, city engineers say it’s a typical construction year.

“Just kind of happened a lot of different projects going on. Summer that’s when the construction season is. Just kind of a coincidence that this week today you’ll see a lot of construction happening,” said Jason Baker Fargo Civil Engineer.

The usual time span for street repair takes 1 to 2 months.

The longest road closure this year will be between NP Avenue and University drive, the street reconstruction is not scheduled to be done until the end of October.

Some people in the area, don’t mind the detours.

“Just really ignore them, because people usually complain about them but there fixing the roads for us. So it’s a lot easier to transport ourselves,” said Fargo Resident Nicholas Kedrowski.

Others say it’s just a matter of knowing the roads.

“I have seen some of the roads net pick here and there through the city, pot holes. If you know your streets you know how to get around it,” said Frank Riley 12-year Fargo Resident.

For a full list of road closures you can click here.

Brittany Ford, KVRR News.

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