City Commissioner Proposes 20% Property Tax Break

Tax Reduction To Boost The Fargo Economy

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Newly elected Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig is rolling up his sleeves and ready to tackle property taxes.

But some people in Fargo believe that what he’s proposing might just be too good to be true.

Tony Gehrig lays out his plans to cut property taxes by 20% during a town hall meeting at city hall.

It sounds good in theory to many, but it’s the fine print that has some worried.

Jason Gates says, “There was a mixed response. You could tell some people are definitely seeking lower taxes and there’s some people that are just concerned that city services could be impacted.”

Gehrig says home values are on the rise so the city should be able to take less in taxes.

But one man says they will find a way to tax you any way.

Jerry Ustanko says, “Trying to build a new home and you got $20, $30, $40,000 dollars worth of specials.”

The proposed property tax plan is not a general fund cut but a reduction to the rate of growth, which will in turn act as an economic stimulator.

Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig says, “It is not going to slow down our economy. It will only help the City of Fargo. In the long run, we’ll see more tax revenue because we are growing.”

Gehrig believes with his property tax plan it will put more money in your pocket.

Gehrig adds, “Hundreds of dollars not spent will be spent to reinvest in the community and in your homes.”

While this proposed property tax plan is still in the works, some continue to have their doubts, but can see the potential.

Ustanko says, “If people have an open mind and sit down and discuss this logically I think it absolutely could work.”

Before Gehrig brings his property tax reduction proposal to the City Commission, he wants to hear your concerns.

You can reach Commissioner Gehrig by email at or by phone at (701) 893-8185.