The Grammys Come to Moorhead

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Moorhead hosted its first ever Grammys show, Sort of.

At the Moorhead Eventide senior living facility, 10 residents walked the carpet, Hollywood style.

Staff created the event to change things up a bit for residents.

The ladies, and gentleman had a fun filled day with makeovers and putting on their Sunday bests.

Strutting their stuff down the runway, these ladies had their hair and makeā€“up done professionally for the senior center’s first ever Grammys event.

Carrie Sweeny who thought of the event said, “Everyone was just so excited but at the same time they were a little scared, because they didn’t know what to expect. And people don’t like to show themselves off, and that’s what they did they showed themselves off.”

But for one resident, she was ready to be in the spot light.

Bea Arett said, “I felt like a real celebrity because they did all of the hair and the makeup and everything.”

“We see them all as being beautiful. and we love their stories and dressing them up and just seeing them blossom when they look at themselves, was just really fun,” said Sweeny.

And those living at the facility agree.

“We feel very blessed that we had this fun together,” said Arett.

Paul Gorsz said, “We have a lot to be thankful for. For being provided the facility, such as this to spend the last of our few years that we have left.”

When I asked how Bea looked to Paul he didn’t hold back.

“She looks pretty hot to me!”said Gorsz.

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