K-12 Students Celebrate World Refugee Day

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More than 250 K thru12 English language learners took part in activities to celebrate World Refugee Day.

The 2nd- annual celebration was held at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School in Fargo.
The event is a part of the Fargo Public summer school program.

It allows refugee children the chance to be exposed to different features of world cultures such as language, flags, traditional dances and clothing.

 “You can imagine how nervous and scared they are going somewhere where they don’t know the language. It’s amazing for them to be able to have a summer program like this to be able to practice English and make friends. I think the social connection is very important,” said Leah Juelke ELL English Teacher.
 The students took a small group photo and added their handprints to a banner to celebrate diversity. It will be displayed at the Fargo Public School District Office.