Adaptive Sports Show Support to Community

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Even though today was a tad gloomy families made the best out of their day.

The 8th Annual Adaptive Track meet helps those with disabilities play sports.

KVRR reporter Noor Alomran has more.

“Power Chair division, manual chair, the assist division, an ambulatory division, and the last one is the walker chair,” lists Adair Grommesh, the Executive Director of HOPE INC., which hosts this annual event.

These are the five different divisions that got families cheering and their kids are racing to win.

“I’m here to just get out, play with some of my friends and get some gold medals,” says Tyler Shepersky, a manual wheelchair racer.

To these kids and to their families this is more than just an outdoor activity.

” These kids can feel success, they can feel good about themselves, they can feel that sense of normalcy that they’re doing something that their peers got to do. These kids have made such lasting friendships with each other,” explains Grommesh.

And for children like Kolton, this is one of the only ways for him to participate in sports.

“With the very sport fanatic son this is our outlet for him to participate, compete but yet feel like part of a team in the community, you know it’s not all about winning, it’s about being a part of the team and having fun.” Sarah Saude, Kolton’s mother, says. The Saude family has been attending this annual event for three years.

And for some kids like Tyler and his family, that drives a distance,

“We actually drive from Menahga, Minnesota, to all the sports events, so we drive an hour and a half,” says Jeni Shepersky, Tyler’s mother.The Shepersky family has been attending this event for five years.

They have only one thing to say.

“It’s worth it.”

This event sums up sports spirit, working hard and reaching goals.

“Every child needs the opportunity to get  Exercise, win and lose, sportsmanship, make new friends, first and foremost these are kids, they deserve every opportunity that any able body child does,” adds Grommesh.

And they say they cherish every opportunity.

To learn more about HOPE Inc. visit their website at HOPEINC.ORG

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