Impressive Numbers for Moorhead Housing

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There are impressive numbers so far this year for Moorhead’s housing market.

House after house is under construction in Moorhead.

According to a report from the city, from January to June the building permit activity is all good news, 368 houses have been okayed for construction.

Moorhead Community Development Manager Lisa Bode said,”As of June 30th, we are about 82 percent of where we were all of last year so we’re that much ahead of schedule and it looks like we’re going to have a banner year for the city of Moorhead.”

Reports show that 153 homes are up for sale on multiple listing services and 15 percent are under construction.

Moving into her house this year, one Moorhead homeowner says she’s not surprised.

Tara Decock said,”It has boomed. When we first moved in, there were about four open lots and now they’re all full. The last two on the end of this way were empty and now they’re full.”

Along with houses, 225 multifamily apartments have also been given the go ahead for construction.

Not only are these numbers good for people buying or building a home, they’re also great for everyone else in the community.

“It means growth in property tax base, it means opportunities for new businesses like new grocery stores, and restaurants and things that existing residents want as well,”said Bode.

“It’s really good for Moorhead!”said Decock.

New resident construction value is totaled at $45.4 million to date, which is double of what it was this time last year.

And it’s only expected to grow.

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