Judge Declares Mistrial in Christopher Hampton Murder Trial

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After three days of deliberations, the judge has declared a mistrial in the Christopher Hampton murder trial.

The jury came back this afternoon and said they could not make a unanimous decision.

KVRR’s Erin Lisch joins us live with more.


Alison and TJ, the jurors are required to all come to the same decision.

Yesterday they couldn’t, so the judge asked them to go back and see if their votes would change.

But by 2:30 this afternoon they didn’t.

So what does this mean for the case?

“I have to say, it’s very unusual.

We don’t know why the 12 person jury couldn’t come to a decision if Hampton is guilty of murder.
And prosecutors say seeing a mistrial isn’t normal.
“I’ve tried over 100 cases, and it’s only happened one or twice that I can think of.”

Presenting evidence and witnesses the state isn’t frustrated this happened
“It’s part of the job, we put our cases up there and do our best and we just be professional about what we have and sometimes this happens. There’s a lot of possibilities.”

Hampton’s attorney Nick Thorton says “It wasn’t unexpected. It was a tough case. Both sides presented a tough case, so tough for the jury to decide.”

So when will the re–trial take place?

“Sometime within the next weeks to months you know the defendant said off the record wanted it done very soon. We feel the same way but there’s some work in the background that needs to be done.”
Hampton will remain in custody until his fate is decided by another jury down the road.

Reporting live Erin Lisch KVRR News.