Online Dating Scams: Avoid Mr. Wrong Get Mr. Right!

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More people are taking to the internet to find love and scammers are using that as a tool for fraud.

KVRR’s Brittany Ford has the steps you can take to stay safe when dating online.
Online dating apps like tinder and websites like have created a new avenue for con artists.

Scammers are using fake profile pictures, and incorrect personal information to break into the bank accounts of those out there looking for love.
“As it happens we get people who do these’s dating sites and they become a victim not so much of violent crimes, but sending money to them. So the frauds,” said Detective West Fargo Police Dustin Mackie.
Law enforcement say it is important to take the necessary steps to stay safe.
Never give out personal information, Run profile pictures through Google images to check if they match up, meet in a public place, tell a friend and always drive your own car.
Tracy Ronning met her fiance on She has never been scammed out of money, but has had her fair sure of online dating duds.
“Seemed too be good to be true, and then when we met they would show up looking nothing like their profile picture. And I would realize that they did lie about certain things,” said Online dater Tracy Ronning.
She explained when decided to go out with her now soon-to-be husband, she took the proper steps to be safe.
“I met in a public place, took my own car, and we probably went on three or four dates before we went to each other’s homes,’ said Online Dater Tracy Ronnings
Tracy says for all those looking for love online and wanting to avoid the liars and scammers, it all comes down to taking your time. Brittany Ford KVRR News.
Dating industry consultants say that you are more likely to see higher numbers of scammers on newer dating sites.