Churches United Hopes For State Loan Approval

Churches United continues to hope for a multi–million dollar apartment complex in Moorhead.

The number of people seeking shelter in the F–M area is growing, so much that board rooms are being used as a place for people to sleep at Churches United.

Board President of Churches United in Moorhead Dara Lee said, “From all income categories and backgrounds are having challenges in finding affordable places to live.”

Last year the non–profit group applied for a loan from the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency for a 43 unit apartment complex to shelter the homeless north of Cashwise Foods in Moorhead.

Their application last year was denied, but with more time to plan, they might get the $8.4 million loan they’re asking for.

“Every year they fund one out of every three requests submitted. Last year they told us we were very close in receiving funding and encouraged us to re–apply this year,” said Lee.

People living here inside the shelter would love to have a space to themselves a place they could call their own.

Lavonda Taylor and her family of 7 are sharing the converted chapel with another family.

She says she gets along with others but would like a more secure place to live.

“We kind of need our own space from the single people and that’s what i feel and that complex would be great for us,” said Taylor.

The units would include a bathroom and even a kitchen, which some say would be a dream to have.

Mary Ann Hary said, “Like here I can’t cook. we have to be here a certain time  for meals. And if we’re not there then we don’t get that meal.”

The decision if the multi–million dollar loan passes this time… will come at the end of October.

The vacant spot where the complex would go, is currently being used as a community garden.

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