Pipe Issue Leads To Minor Flooding At MSUM’s Gaede Stage

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MSUM officials are cleaning up part of its Center for the Arts after a pipe problem.

Around 10:30 Thursday night, a pipe at the Gaede Stage was either backed up or cracked.

That resulted in several parts of the stage getting covered in water and silt.

Crews were able to act quickly and clean up the area.

They are now working on drying up the carpets and will investigate what happened.

“It’s an inconvenience because this time of the year we’re getting very busy for the beginning of the fall semester and we want to make sure the campus is ready when our faculty and students come back and this was a diversion from that for the day,” says David Wahlberg of MSUM Marketing.

They will use fans to deal with the remaining water until it is completely dry.

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