F-M Pride Sees Record Crowd

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Sunday marks the culmination of Fargo–Moorhead’s largest gay pride celebration ever.

It’s the largest pride parade in Fargo’s history.
Hundreds lined the streets and a record number of organizations took to downtown Fargo for the celebration.

Mickey Harmon and her wife Joy Haarstick are helping lead the parade.
They’re one of several couples who challenged North Dakota’s ban on same sex marriage.
“Slowly but surely everything has really just come out and about throughout all the states so it’s awesome,” said Harmon of Erhard, MN.
She’s lived in the valley for decades and she says this kind of celebration would not have been ok many years ago.
“At one time you just didn’t say anything, you just stayed in the closet, you didn’t cause a ruffle in the feathers,” said Harmon.
Some Moorhead leaders crossed the river to show LGBT support.
Mayor Del Rae Williams helped carry a flag through the parade and City Councilwoman Mari Dailey spoke at the rally.
“Equality and respect for all doesn’t mean special privileges. It means the same respect and treatment under the law for every single one of us,” said Dailey.
“Organizers of pride way say all of the events had record turnouts and people who attended the rally say it was just nice having everyone be so accepting.”
“All types of people in the LGBT community were here and it was just great to see everyone being able to accept everyone,” said Langley Bradley of Moorhead.
“For me it really means I can express myself. It’s a huge chance for me to really show, I’m a performing artist, who I really am,” said Reid Strand of Fargo.
It’s a time where everyone is accepted.

“Yes you are valued and important, and yes as an ally and an ELCA Lutheran pastor I say yes as well so let this love continue to grow.”
“It’s nice to live in a community that people want to celebrate this and differences, actually just differences period. It’s really nice to see that,” said Katy Cox of Fargo.

And even though this is one of the biggest pride celebrations ever in Fargo, people like Harmon say the fight for equality is not over.
This was the 15th year for Fargo–Moorhead Pride.

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