NDSU Welcomes New Freshman Class!

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NDSU holds its 5th annual Presidents welcome ceremony, to welcome incoming students.

NDSU’s Gold Star Band played as President Dean Bresciani and student body president Eric McDaniel lead students through the university gates.

The yearly tradition that was started by President Bresciani is a way to welcome incoming students to the bison family.

“Part of the message is that this is a campus that has been around a long time, and they really have a legacy to uphold. We’ve had thousands of thousands of students that graduate from NDSU, and just the legacy of the campus should be part of what they think about when they start classes,” said Beth Ingram NDSU Provost.
At the end of the ceremony students received a graduation tassel as a way for them to remember their commitment to NDSU.

Fall classes started this afternoon at 4 o’clock.