Donations Still Needed for Making South Pleasant Church a Permanent Fixture at Bonanzaville

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It is a ground breaking day for Bonanzaville as it welcomes its new church.

KVRR’s Brittany Ford joins us live with more on the process of getting the church to its new home.


Alison, a church coming down the roadway isn’t something you see every day.

Community and Bonanzaville staff members are now celebrating their new 125-year old piece of history.

The 125-year-old South Pleasant church made its way down Main Avenue just after 1:45 this afternoon.

As the first glimpses of the church barreling down to road, bystanders couldn’t hold in their excitement.
“When we saw it coming over the overpass I can’t even explain to you. When you have so many inquiries when is going to be here, what is it going to look like now it’s here people can come see it,” says Melissa Warren, Event Coordinator for Bonanzaville.
One longtime volunteer at Bonanzaville shared how it is amazing to see that the new church shares many of the same features as the last.
“We a find another church like the old St. John’s was a beautiful structure of course we lost it to the fire, but now found another that’s almost identical,” says Syl Melroe.
“The church has finally made it to its new home, but Bonanzaville says it will still need $80,000 more dollars to finish the moving process.”
The structure will have to remain above ground until additional funds are raised.

Larry Johnson is a lifelong member of the South Pleasant Church.

He says it is amazing to see the church live on still in the same shape that it was built.
“The inside has changed very little since 1890. We never brought in running water expect for paint on the walls we still have the original fixtures, kerosene lamps hanging in there,” says Johnson.

“The Church on the move” is now on display for viewing, but it will not be able to open its doors until the remaining funds are raised.

To date, Bonanzaville has raised $70,000 of the $150,000 in relocating expenses.

Reporting LIVE, Brittany Ford KVRR News.