NYC Firefighter Gives Piece of World Trade Center to Fargo Business

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A New York City Firefighter traveled across the country to Fargo’s Carpet One Floor and Homes.

KVRR’s Sarah Brechbill tells us why he made the trip.

A flight from New York City to Fargo isn’t the quickest trip, but Tom delPino made the trek all to say thank you.

delPino is part of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation…an organization that builds smart homes for wounded veterans returning home.

“We build these houses wherever they want to live throughout the country, each house is custom built for that soldier’s injuries,” says retired NYC Firefighter Tom delPino. 

“We’ve gone to eight conventions now and every time they have something you just get tears in your eyes it’s unbelievable to be a part of it,” says Co-owner of Carpet One Marcus Roman. 

And it was Carpet One’s generous contributions that prompted delPino to say thank you in a very special way, by presenting a piece of the World Trade Center.

“The dust of my 343 brother firefighters were on this piece of metal so that’s why you see me hanging on to it, I won’t let go until it’s time to hand it over,” says delPino.

“Tom delPino who served on 9/11 now travels across the country raising money for wounded veterans.”

“I want to present to you something deep to my heart, a part of the World Trade Center and I hope you can proudly display it in your store,” says delPino.

An honor well–deserved, the cost to build just one smart house is half a million dollars and the foundation has already pledged to build 200 homes.

“The cabinet heights will be different, everything will be automated, they can do things with their eyes and everywhere they go its nothing but technology,” says Roman. 

An organization that started in memory of a fallen 9/11 firefighter and has since then made the lives of other fellow service members just a little bit easier.

Sarah Brechbill, KVRR News.

Carpet One will be collecting personal contributions from its customers.

They hope to have every customer donate a minimum of $10 dollars.