“You Can Always Count on Your Neighbors”: Badger Town of the Year Wrap-Up Special

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Badger, Minnesota defeated all challengers in our Town of the Year contest.

Chief Meteorologist Rob Kupec spent the day in Badger.

Rob is just back and joins us now.

TJ and Alison, it was a tremendous reception I received in town at lunch and for KVRR trivia and our weather LIVE at six.

It was clear to see how this town came up with over 11,000 votes to win.
The Twin Corner Cafe is packed with people for the Monday lunch, Town of the Year get-together, a sign of the community spirit this city of nearly 400 has.
Clayton Meir: “I like it up here. It’s really nice in the summertime, you can go fishing, hunting and a lot of different things.”
On Main Street, you’ll find everything you need, from a bank to a local watering hole, to a gas station that is still full service.

A grocery store that continues to thrive and even has a section of Thai Food.

It’s the kind of place you can drive your 4-wheeler right down Main Street, though it better be a Polaris.

That’s where many residents work in nearby Roseau.
Shane Isane: “I think we have a good economy.  We have good industry in the area, Polaris not far away, Marvin Windows we got Central Boiler factory not too far away. The ag community has been pretty strong.”
And Badger has been able to keep its own school, something the town is proud of.
Jerry Wilhelmi: “Enrollment is actually growing since we retired and so…”

Rob: “Is there a direct correlation between that?”

Jerry Wilhelmi: “Haha! It’s never been so popular.  Actually there’s jobs here. If you want to work in Roseau County there’s jobs here.”
Though the school’s mascot is not what you would expect.
Rob: “Why is your mascot a gator?”

Isabella Monsrud: “I don’t have a clue.”

Rob: “You would think it would be the obvious.”

Isabella: “I don’t know.”

Rob: “Why is it not a badger?”

Isabella: “That’s a good idea.”
Badger is the kind of town where everyone knows everyone else by name and it’s that small town feel that residents really like.
Sophie Warne: “We’re pretty close-knit. You can always count on your neighbors if you need anything and everyone’s very friendly, so.”

I would like to give special thank you to Angie Gregerson for nominating Badger and lending us some office space to work today and to
Mayor Jim Rinde for showing us the town.

It was a great day.

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