Expired Tags Lead to Marijuana Bust for Glyndon Police Officer

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A Glyndon Police Officer makes a big drug bust on Highway 10.

The officer made it in an unexpected way.

KVRR’s Sarah Brechbill has the details.
It was like any other routine traffic stop.

But as soon as the driver rolled down his window, Officer Lein quickly realized he was dealing with much more.
“I knew there was some marijuana in there through my training, the smell of it was very easy to detect but certainly not this quantity,” says Officer Lein.
The driver, 29-year-old Brian Enget, was carrying 88 pounds of marijuana, wrapped in 83 vacuum sealed bags.

Officers also found a handgun and $108 dollars in cash.
“I think he was in the process of selling it or had it already sold and was gonna go pick up the profit,” says Glyndon Mayor Cecil Johnson.
“Police stopped the driver on highway 10 and he was very cooperative. Even giving the combination to the safe where the marijuana was stashed.”
“I think they were pretty shocked once they opened that safe and saw what was in there both officer lane and the Clay County Deputy opened it up I could imagine the looks on their faces when that’s what they saw. They may have expected money or guns but I don’t think they ever expected 88 pounds of marijuana to fall out of that safe,” says Police Chief Mike Cline.
“I think the first words that come out of my mouth is oh my god. This is the most in my career that I’ve been here that all of this was found on one person. I was flabbergasted,” says Mayor Johnson.

Sarah Brechbill KVRR news.
While Enget complied with officers during the stop, he has now stopped cooperating.

He is being held at Clay County Jail.

Enget has been arrested for possession of marijuana before.