Families Enjoy Labor Day Weekend Despite Rain

Fargo residents aren’t letting the spotty weather stop them from enjoying their holiday weekend.

KVRR’s Sarah Brechbill has more.

For Nichole Sims, Labor Day weekend means spending time with family.

“We had a picnic over there and it started raining as soon as the food was done so we ate in our cars,” says Sims. 

The bad weather wasn’t going to stop her…

“A little rain never hurt nobody,” says Sims. 

That’s the case for most families enjoying Fargo’s parks today.

“There’s still quite a few people out. We drove by quite a few parks today just to see how things were and it’s pretty busy out still,” says Sandy Rokusek. 

And one–year–old Riley doesn’t seem to mind a few raindrops either.

“We feel really lucky to have so many parks here in Fargo so when we can were here we have a nice fenced back yard but it’s not quite the same,” says Kish Hilmert of South Fargo. 

And while Fargo residents are used to toughing out the weather…

“As long as it’s not terrible or cold we can deal with the rain.”

“Just a minute ago this park was filled. But after a cloud just rolled in a few lone survivors are left.”

Among them Christian and Kendrick…

“We play on the playground, every once in a while we get a game together with a couple kids,” says Christian. “

Enjoying family and friends on this Labor Day weekend….no matter what the weather brings…Sarah Brechbill KVRR News.

This is one of the busier weekends for the Lindenwood campground and park.