Joyous Wedding Ends In Tragedy

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A community is grieving after a man was shot and killed and a woman injured at a wedding reception over the weekend.

KVRR’s Sarah Brechbill visited New Rockford and joins us live in studio.


Alison, what was supposed to be a day of love and celebration now leaves the small town of New Rockford devastated and confused.

“Everybody is numb to the fact that it still happened and it’s going to take some time to get over it,” says New Rockford resident, Carter Richter.

41–year–old Donnie Perleberg of Pingree, North Dakota was in town for his niece’s wedding.

But around 1 A.M., with 100 people still at the reception, Perleberg and another woman were shot. Perleberg later died at the scene. 

The alleged shooter, David Troske, is the woman’s ex–boyfriend and is well–known in the town.

“I heard it early morning 7 o’clock that David had shot someone and naturally you wouldn’t think it’s true,” says Richter. 

Richter grew up with Troske and says he has known him all his life.

“He’s the nicest guy. Didn’t have a mean bone in his body actually. Never heard him raise his voice and he was always happy go lucky, just a fun guy,” says Richter. 

It was a surprise to everyone in attendance at the wedding as well.

Eddy County Sherrif Paul Lies says, ‘There was no argument or dispute’ leading up to the shooting.

“A neighbor close by to the Eagle Club said she didn’t hear any shots last night but can’t believe something like this would happen in her own backyard.”

Those who knew Perleberg have flooded social media with loving words and memories.

One person writes, “He’s a special man, best friend in the world, I wish I could have the bigger heart that Donnie did.”

Another says, “All this is so crazy and unnecessary! How could someone be so cruel?”

A question many are asking, as family members and residents continue to stand in disbelief over a joyous occasion that ended in tragedy.

Reporting live, Sarah Brechbill, KVRR News. 

The suspect will go in front of a judge for the first time tomorrow..