West Fargo $98 Million Bond Referendum

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It’s back to the people for more.

The West Fargo School board will send a $98 million bond referendum to a public vote.

If approved, the bond will pay for two new elementary schools.

One will be built north of I-94 and the other south of the interstate.

The district is experiencing unexpected enrollment increases and the board says new schools are needed to keep up.

If it passes, property owners will not see a tax increase.

Instead, the board will extend its current mill levy from 2011.

“While this seems to be a heavy lift, there is something in this for the whole community as I said whether people have children in school or not there are things that will enhance our community included in this referendum,” says West Fargo Superintendent David Flowers.

He’s referring to a proposed new swimming pool and ice rink.

A super-majority of 60 percent is needed to pass.

The vote will take place on November 17th.