First Bison Tailgate Of The Season

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 The day many Bison football fans have been waiting for has finally come.
The first home game drew hundreds of fans to the Fargodome before the game even started.

“I was up at 5 A.M. this morning. I couldn’t really fall back asleep. I was so pumped and ready to get tailgating,” said Sarah Bruns of West Fargo.
“The atmosphere is just electric; it’s just exhilarating, because it’s the first home game. Everybody always gets excited for the start of a new season,” said Pam Dahl of Sabin.
“It is so lively. I can’t believe everybody was out here so early, and it’s just super fun,” said Eva Butler of Fargo.
Music, grilled pizza rolls and games.

It’s the day where many Bison fans like Bruns get to see the football team play for the first time this season.

She is with the Bubba’s Herd tailgating group.
She’s from the area and has been tailgating at Bison games for more than a decade.
“My husband and I both graduated NDSU, so did my father in law and my brother in law and lots of family and friends,” said Bruns.
Pam Dahl is also a big tailgater.
Her husband Steve played with the NDSU football team in the 80’s and helped win big titles.
She says the team is like family.
“Over the year’s we’ve gotten to know the players and their family, and it’s like one big family and so I feel like I have 100 sons,” said Dahl.
Tailgating is a chance for generations of Bison fans to have fun before big games.
“Pride, everyone’s just a big community. We all come together. We represent, that’s what I love,” said Bruns.
And this year, some fans are hoping for a 5th championship win.
“You guys are awesome, just drive for five, let’s do it again,” said Dahl.