Fergus Falls Teens Arrested With BB, Airsoft Guns

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 Authorities in Fergus Falls arrest three teens with BB and airsoft guns who witnesses say were possibly firing those weapons on school property.
Police are reminding the public that even BB and airsoft guns can be mistaken for the real thing.
This is the parking lot at the Roosevelt Education Center in Fergus Falls where three teens were arrested.

Police say a call came in on Thursday afternoon about teens playing with what looked like real guns.

After conducting a high risk vehicle stop, they found three teens were brandishing BB and air soft guns.
“Obviously it was a poor decision on the part of these young men. You know anywhere, obviously on school property you know given the climate that we live in,” said Fergus Falls Police Department Sgt. Jeff Hohrman.
The teens are 15, 16 and 18-year-old Nikolas Johnson.
Many in the area are surprised that the teens would even think about doing something like this.
“That’s scary, especially all the stuff you hear you know that’s happened throughout the country with the different shootings and stuff,” said Jody Carrell of Fergus Falls.
“Yeah maybe it was just air soft guns, but like it could have been more than an airsoft gun and stuff like that,” said Karlee Lehn of Fergus Falls.
The teens are being charged with misdemeanors.
“They need to understand that out in the public eye, you need to be careful,” said Sgt. Hohrman.
“Police say since the guns looked realistic; the situation could have taken a turn for the worse.”
“That’s a situation where we roll up on it, we don’t know if they’re real or fake and that situation could have gotten bad really fast,” said Sgt. Hohrman.
It’s a situation where BB and airsoft guns could have been mistaken for the real thing.
There were four teens found in two cars, but only three of them had been brandishing the weapons.