Two Arrested After Fargo Crime Spree

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A couple’s weekend crime spree could end in a misdemeanor and two felonies.

The crime spree started when 32 year old Ashley Bigalke and 24-year-old Dustin Henrickson allegedly stole a purse during an event at the Radisson Saturday night.

They used a set of keys inside to steal the victim’s car then headed to the victim’s house.

Police arrived at the house and found the suspects inside.

They ran but were tracked down with the help of a K-9.

Police say this type of crime isn’t uncommon.

“It’s a target of opportunity. I don’t believe, it’s hard to say, but I don’t believe they specifically targeted the Radisson or that specific event. Most of the types of crimes that we see where people’s purses, wallets are stolen, cellphones, those are just targets of opportunity,” says Lt. Michael Mitchell, Fargo Police Department.
The stolen car was recovered two blocks from the residence.

Neither suspect has a permanent address.