Volunteer Models Strut the Runway for a Cause

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It’s a term you may have heard from your parents, friends or teachers… dress for success.

Local models are putting their foot forward to help the women in the community.

Kimberly Busch puts the last coating of mascara and eye shadow on before she starts modeling for her first time in the “Attire to Inspire” fashion show.

“When a girlfriend asks you to do something you just go for it and you say yes because you want to help in any way that you can,” says Model Kimberly Busch said.

She was ready to help along with more than 90 other local men and women, including KVRR’s Alison Voorhees, who struck a pose at the end of the runway.

“I think that Dress for Success is an amazing program. Women need to be confident. When you look good you feel good and we want to be able to have that opportunity and allow that for every women here,” Busch said.

While some say Dress for Success is a fun night to get dressed up and take a couple picture. It’s really about helping those women find a job in the community.

“The organization is so amazing it’s so much more than clothing. It gives women confidence to go into a job interview, confidence in the first weeks on the job,” says Dress for Success Executive Director Kristin Krile. 

People watching the show already have some tips when it comes to dressing to impress.

“You aren’t going to feel good if you aren’t comfortable. Finding pants that fit are important, you know, trends are great, but they come and go so finding some of those classic pieces that work well too,” says Mainstream Boutique Owner Hollie Nelson. 

Volunteers modeled more than 90 looks from 15 clothing boutiques in the area.

“Anything can happen at anytime and women just love helping women. So it’s amazing to see how the power of what an event like this can do,”Krile said. 

An event that shows keeping one foot in front of the other on the runway, can help another woman get her foot in the right door.

This is Dress for Success’ third annual fashion show.

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