Addiction to Recovery: It May Not Be What You Think

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Many who struggle with addiction are often fearful of taking the first step toward recovery.

First Step Recovery, an outpatient center in the FM area, is trying to raise awareness on the issue.

John is a person who you would see at a gas station, park, or grocery store and would probably never identify as an addict.

He is sharing his story in hopes of breaking the stigma of what an addict looks like, and the benefits of recovery.

“Fairly hard, but it was worth it,” says John.

After 7 years of sobriety, John still considers himself an addict in long term recovery.

He started drinking alcohol when he was 15 years old.

After seeing how addiction was damaging his marriage and tearing apart his business, he says he felt like he wasn’t living anymore, but just existing.
“Just detached and my addiction was really starting to run my life I guess that would be how it started.”
John explained how fear was the biggest barrier in taking the first steps toward recovery, but realizing he wasn’t alone was his biggest motivator.
“Finding that community based support…it was finding that there are people suffering just like me.”
He says the education during recovering, as well as community and family support have helped him live again.
“My freedom that recovery has given me to doing, and that’s a 24 hour job for a guy like me. So for me there’s not a lot of time to think about other things because I am focused and that’s recovery.”

He now wears two rings everyday, his wedding ring and his recovery ring to remind him of how far he is come.

First Step Recovery is hosting a free screening of “The Anonymous People” at Fargo Theatre on Thursday. The film features stories of recovery like John’s.

It will also be followed by a panel discussion about addiction.