Pope Makes Historic Visit to U.S.

Pope Francis has officially been on U.S. soil for just over one day.

The first pope to make the trip was Paul the 6th in 1965.

During the rest of Francis’s six day visit, he will highlight his love for the poor.

He will also address several of the country’s social and political controversies.

Thousands have greeted him thus far on his trip but Catholics in our area are excited to see him on American soil as well.

“I think that the excitement is much more for Catholics in this area and around the United States that our leader is coming and he brings with him a sense of revitalization. And that’s exactly what the church needs right now in our country. It needs hope. It needs hope that the church is going to build and it’s going to be stronger and it’s going to be better than ever,” says Erin Wencl of Fargo.

Some local members of the Fargo diocese are in Philadelphia to see the Pope on Saturday.

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