Three Semis And A School Bus Collide

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Three semis and a school bus collide on highway 49 and as KVRR’s Sarah Brechbill tells us it was a crash that could have ended much differently.

She joins us live.


Bianca, the scene was unsightly.

One semi split in half, a school bus smashed into the driver’s seat and another two trucks destroyed: and everyone made it out alive.

As Jerry Mallett looks at the scraps of his truck scattered across highway 49, he knows he’s a lucky man.

“I’m just thankful you know, oh I can’t believe it.”

After colliding into a school bus and truck and another semi hitting him from the rear, Mallet crawled from his truck with just some scratches and a bruise.

“I might be a little sore tomorrow,” says Jerry Mallett, a Mississippi truck driver. 

The school bus was on its way to a field trip. 36 people were on the bus, 32 of them kids, all making it out okay.

“Luckily there were no fatalities here today and that easily could have happened with the conditions we have and the types of vehicles we have involved in this crash,” says ND State Patrol Captain Bryan Niewind.

“The driver says because the truck was white and there was heavy fog, it was only seconds before he knew what was going to happen.”

“Visibility was a quarter mile or less,” says Niewind.

“I couldn’t stop I just went blank you know…nothing mattered no more, I couldn’t stop just had to go with it. Wherever fate there lies from that just go ahead and face the music,” says Mallett. 

And fate is what it was. A terrifying scene, ending in a miracle.

The school bus driver was taken by ambulance to the hospital with non–life threatening injuries.

The two other semi–truck drivers are also ok.

Bianca, it’s a miracle indeed.

Reporting live, Sarah Brechbill KVRR news.