Discovery Middle School Future Contestants on “The Apprentice”?

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Sixth graders from Discovery Middle School are being hired for their work.

The “You’re Hired” Event is an outreach program for kids to go through a real-life situation.

The students are assigned with an energy challenge where they will present their solution to a Boardroom of executives, awaiting their fate of being “hired”.

“It’s kind of a way to get these students career ready when their graduating. Right now we are just working with the 6th graders, but we also do 6-12th grade on this project. So when you have those 12th graders working and then you have potential employers watching them present, it’s pretty powerful,” says Kristin Brevik, NDSCS Stem Outreach Specialist.
The “You’re Hired” event will also happen again on January 13th and April 14th.