Police Meet With South Fargo Community

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Nearly one hundred people who live in South Fargo around Ed Clapp Elementary met with authorities to get answers.

Fargo Police held a meeting to talk about the neighborhood and the recent influx of crime.

Every seat in the room at Ed Clapp Elementary was filled with people from South Fargo.

The meeting started with applause after police announced that they made an arrest in connection with two of the recent robberies. And those robberies were the main focus of the meeting.

Several hands shot up when police opened the floor for questions.

Police say although it may seem like a lot, this amount of robberies is fairly typical.┬áBut that doesn’t mean that people aren’t concerned.

Police did admit that they are actively working to hire more officers to keep up with the growing population.

“I’ve got stuff that I don’t want stolen. I’ve got a kid, I’ve got dogs I don’t want to have anything happen to them, I don’t want anything to happen to my wife. So I mean I kind of want to protect our property and just know what the police have in mind for helping us out with that,” says South Fargo Resident Jason Villiard.

“They’re not uncommon in the aspect that they don’t, they happen in small streaks. We’re not at a point where we’re much above where we were last year as far as robberies are concerned. When they happen in a short period of time of course people will become a little bit more alarmed and concerned and rightfully so,” adds Lt. Ross Renner of Fargo Police.

They also say they always hold meetings like this this time of year.

They still consider South Fargo to be a safe place to be.

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