Land Development Task Force Looks to Change City Codes

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The Fargo Land Development Task Force is finding ways for homeowners to remodel or use land space and still follow city codes.

This includes revising and editing the code book relating to building permits, and variance issues.

The task force will be focusing on land space between 19th Street north in Fargo, and 25th Street East to the Red River.

Case studies will be done in those areas to help identify what land development codes need revising.

“And also with historic homes when they’ve reached a point where they need to be demolished, and rebuilt how do we walk through that criteria, how do we make sure that the neighbors that are invested in the community understand what’s going on, as well as the new purchaser and the developer,” says Melissa Sobolik, Fargo City Commissioner.
The task force has scheduled six meetings through June.

It will then bring suggested code changes to the city commission.